Thomas Chittenden Endorses Alex Farrell


This fall, I am going to cast one of my six votes for Alex R. Farrell to represent Chittenden County in the State Senate. I first met Alex when he was a student in the School of Business at UVM. During college Alex was a dedicated student with a passion for learning, and I have seen those traits carry over to his candidacy. Alex has studied the issues, articulated his positions, and has proposed common-sense solutions. Alex is determined to simplify the education funding system, find funding for Lake Champlain cleanup, empower Vermont businesses, and strive for reasonable taxation.

I am further excited to support Alex’s candidacy because he has exhibited an ability to appeal to folks across party lines, and has rejected partisan politics. I am a Democrat but I do not blindly vote along party lines. I, like so many Vermonters, vote for the person and not the party. I’ve run for office twice and I’m proud that both Republicans and Democrats endorsed my candidacy so I’m happy to do the same for Alex.

I believe it is important that we support young candidates like Alex who will bring new energy and a millennial perspective to the Vermont Senate. I’m confident Alex will work hard to make it more attractive for our college graduates to set roots down here in Vermont rather than fleeing the state towards larger employment markets. I think Alex has a perspective that will enhance the conversations on this topic in the state house.

I am confident that Alex’s business background, his deep roots in this state, and his thoughtful approach toward policy will bode well for him as a State Senator. I will be voting for Alex Farrell for State Senate on November 6th and I encourage others to do the same.