My campaign will focus on economic issues, support Governor Scott's plans to curb the affordability crisis, expand access to early education, and provide support for the business community lacking advocates in the State Senate. 

Affordability Crisis

Vermont can be a beacon of hope for all generations, especially those looking to plant or solidify their roots in Vermont. We are a prime tourist destination and a state that provides endless recreational opportunities. However, as a lifelong resident of Vermont, I’ve watched friends, family, and peers leave in pursuit of sustainable opportunities in other states. 

Vermont’s population continues to increase in average age, home ownership taxes continue to spike, we lack substantial affordable housing to keep young professionals in the area, our workforce is declining at rapid rates, and fewer students are in our schools. Yet, our local and state budgets continue to outpace our ability to pay our fair share of taxes. 

Despite all this, Montpelier has taken anemic steps and remains the impediment to growth and opportunities for all Vermonters. Conversations remain stagnant and the everyday Vermonter is left behind. It’s time for change from within and a holistic approach to problem solving.

Creating Opportunities

It’s hard for us to watch as our children, grandchildren, siblings, and friends leave the place we call home. Only 29% of Vermont high school seniors  attend a Vermont higher education institution. And those who do stay for college are leaving after graduation. I was fortunate to find employment that allowed me to stay here in Vermont, but with limited opportunities I’ve watched as the vast majority of my UVM classmates, my childhood friends, and even my siblings leave to find job opportunities outside of the state.

We need senators who understand how to lead our state to compete in a global economy and capitalize on our assets. When elected I promise to create a Vermont where everyone can call home. 

Expanding Access to Early Education

Our efforts to reform our education system need to focus not only on cost containment and improving efficiency, but we need to make sure we're getting the most "bang for the buck" on the money that we invest in the system.