Alex Farrell Supports Gov. Scott's Plan to Reform Ed Spending, Prevent Tax Hikes

Alex Farrell Supports Gov. Scott’s Plan to Reform Ed Spending, Prevent Tax Hikes
Senate candidate decries Chittenden County Senators’ opposition to tax relief and responsible budgeting 

BURLINGTON, VT -- Today, as the Democratic/Progressive controlled state Legislature continues to oppose any efforts to reform and restrain education spending and prevent property tax hikes on overtaxed Vermonters, state Senate candidate Alex Farrell endorsed Gov. Phil Scott’s comprehensive plan to stabilize property tax rates, eliminate the Education Fund deficit, and generate hundreds of millions in savings.


“Gov. Scott’s reform plan would make necessary fixes to our unbalanced and burdensome education spending formula while maintaining and improving the quality and health of our school systems,” said Farrell. “Further, by taking the necessary steps now, the Governor’s plan would spare further property tax hikes on overburdened Chittenden County taxpayers this year and prevent worse measures, including onerous tax hikes and damaging school budget cuts in the coming years. 

“Chittenden County’s senators are not only missing in action when it comes to providing leadership on spending restraint and tax relief but are seemingly on board with millions in tax increases,” continued Farrell. “Despite the heavy tax burden on Chittenden County residents and declining school enrollment, our six Democratic/Progressive senators in Montpelier resist any discussion – or leadership – on responsible education spending and limiting property tax hikes. Instead, they hide behind complaints about legislative process to block the Governor’s efforts. This is no surprise since this Democratic/Progressive blocdisputes Vermont has an affordability crisis at all. Chittenden County taxpayers, homeowners, and business owners deserve better. It’s time for a change.”

Alex Farrell, a life-long Vermonter, UVM graduate, and business professional is running for the state Senate in Chittenden County to provide balance in our representation and break up the all-Democratic/Progressive bloc. This week, he released the first ad of his campaign, which can be viewed at or on the campaign YouTube channel: