Alex Farrell calls on Chittenden County Senators to Support a Budget that Doesn’t Increase Taxes or Fees

Chittenden County Senators balking at the opportunity to save Vermonters money

Burlington, VT - Alex Farrell, candidate for the State Senate, released the following statement as budget talks continue in Montpelier.

“Governor Scott was clear from the beginning that he would not sign a budget with any new taxes or fees; he outlined a plan that invests in our state’s future, protects our most vulnerable, and outlines responsible spending for years to come. I applaud Governor Phil Scott’s leadership and see real opportunity in the Vermont Senate to step-up to the plate and do what’s best for all Vermonters.

“Unfortunately, Chittenden County Senators are showing a lack of leadership by balking at this opportunity to save Vermonters money.  The latest Senate budget proposal, which is expected to pass today, still places an unnecessary tax rate increase on those who pay the non-residential property tax rate. While slightly better, this bill will increase non-residential taxes by more than $20 million. As we all know, this will affect property taxes for those, especially in Chittenden County, who own small businesses or live in apartment buildings. I know we can all agree we cannot afford higher rent, especially when we’re trying to attract and retain more young professionals. Additionally, when businesses face higher taxes, they have little choice but to either reduce the number of employees or increase the costs of goods or services they offer in order to stay afloat. Neither of which Vermonters need or can afford.

“This is an opportunity to step up and do what’s right for Vermont and for Chittenden County. I call on all six senators, including Progressive Party leader Chris Pearson, to work with the Administration on a budget that doesn’t raise taxes or fees -- especially given the unexpected surplus revenue this year.

“I’m running to put Vermonters above all, and that includes political party and partisan ideology. As a state Senator, I will be a champion of opportunity for all Vermonters.”




Alex Farrell, a life-long Vermonter, UVM graduate, and business professional is running for state Senator in Chittenden County to provide balance in our representation and break up the all-Progressive/Democratic bloc. To learn more, visit